Resources for Reentry is a public access asset mapping system powered by the Community Platform, a national-model software developed by the D.C.-based nonprofit Civic Leadership Project. This website is made possible through a grant by the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation and is administered by the Baton Rouge-based nonprofit MetroMorphosis.

About MetroMorphosis
MetroMorphosis helps people and organizations transform neglected and broken communities into thriving and vibrant places to live, work and experience success. Rather than approach this work from a viewpoint of what’s missing, we begin by identifying existing assets in the community and leveraging those assets to build community- led solutions that have lasting impact. To learn more about MetroMorphosis and its three strategies for transforming urban communities, visit www.metromorphosis.net

About the HAWF
The Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation’s mission is to enhance Louisiana’s communities, in particular, the Greater Baton Rouge area, by supporting philanthropic initiatives and programs that improve the lives of its citizens. The Foundation seeks to support and strengthen organizations working in the areas of human services, healthcare, education and prison reentry that strive to address the underlying causes of social and economic problems. For more, visit: www.hawilsonfoundation.org